Come say hello!

I really look forward to seeing your comments when I post but I also want to encourage people to reach out beyond this. I don’t think I really started this blog with any huge intentions but I’ve frequently been told I am a good story teller and I like to think I can maybe offer help to others, please feel free to email me at the blog address I’ve made with any of the following:

– book/tv/film/other media recommendations (either ASD related or just generally something awesome you haven’t got people to share with)

– thoughts and feelings on a blog post

– suggestions on blog post ideas such as things you’d like advise on, things which can be explored generally, things in the news or the … olds? Which are interesting you

– thoughts and feelings generally, if you want to share something awesome or need someone to vent to, maybe even a mixture of both.

-your achievements, sometimes other Auties can understand and celebrate alongside better than typical people might.

– things you’ve been working on like an art project or decorating the kitchen, or doing up your garden, if you want to share it with .

– your pets

– pets, regardless of whether they are yours or not.

– positive ASD memes or clothes/gifts that you’ve found

– basically most things!*

I’m hoping to put together a resources page where I can add books, media, asd business es and other resources, we all have trials and tribulations in this world so might as well get through them together.

Email for the blog is here: Email me

(* most things because I don’t really fancy pictures of your reproductive anatomy or any murder confessions, thanks! 😆)