Welcome: What am I here for?

If you are new here, or if you have been around for a while and only just coming to explore this page now, hello. I haven’t had an ‘about’ page up until this point really and I suppose the reason for that is I haven’t always known what this blog is about, but here I hope to explain both what it is about and how I am learning that as I go…

I find it really surprising to think this blog was created was back in 2016 because four years ago my life was a very different one in a lot of ways. The blog has had very low spells over the years, and it has had very active spells but I try not to worry too much about that since I guess it reflects my experiences too. There have been times of stress, or low mood, of happiness and motivation which just wash’t centered around my blog writing. All of that means I can now write the ‘about’ page.

This blog is about me, I mean that probably comes across as obvious, but what am is what I suppose makes it interesting and makes it worth writing. I am an autistic young adult living in Scotland, I have other conditions including ADD (or ADHD because I believe this is also technically one diagnosis now), Tourette’s syndrome and dyspraxia. I have hypermobile joints and weak muscle tone which I believe is probably Hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome but I haven’t really fought for this diagnosis. I am type one diabetic and have been for nearly fourteen years as well as having coeliac disease. I have anxiety disorder, depression and an atypical binge eating/bulemia type eating disorder.

But there is more than that. I am also a sister, a daughter, an Auntie to two amazing little girls, I am a friend, a girlfriend to another ASD woman (although I tend to call her my partner – girlfriend feels a little trivial at times). I have just finished my third year of Universiry meaning I technically have a degree in History although I have another year to complete to get a BA. I love writing, I am generally very creative – I paint, draw, knit and crochet. I am reasonably new to the world of Cosplay but I love this too and have always enjoyed becoming someone else  – particularly if they are my special interest.

I love animals, all types (I am the person that will get very annoyed at you for killing an insect that wasn’t causing any harm) I currently own a Red Foot Tortoise and a black and white moggy as well as our family cocker spaniel. I planned to be a veterinary nurse once but life went another direction. I recently started volunteering at my local RDA but only had one day there before Covid – 19 changed everyone’s lives.

So this blog is really about all of this, about everything I am and everything I want to be in the future, it is my world on paper, my experiences and the things which impact my life. I have been told many times by people that I have a very good voice, a good way of explaining things and opening up my experience of the world to a larger audience and so I hope I can do that too.

Whether you come here as a fellow autistic person to find reliability and connection or whether you are the family member of an autistic person looking to make more connections, maybe you have no direct link to autism and are here to understand more on a general level – all of you are welcome, and all of you are awesome.

Thanks for coming along,